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ECONO-HEATERS offer out-of-the-way wall mounting & are an economical way of providing efficient room heating at a low cost.
Picture of ECONO-HEATER high-efficiency electric panel heater.
Shipping only $16.95 first unit, $8.95 each additional unit, in the lower 48 states, and no sales tax collected except Canada FL & PA.

Item # Quantity EA Price
1002-405 1 Or More $76.95

Menucoverman.com's ECONO-HEATER
High Efficiency Electric Panel Heater
UL Listed, International Safety Standards met. 

Color: Neutral White (Can be painted to match any wall color)
Weight: 15 lbs (in packaging)
Size: 23-1/4" x 23-1/4" x 3/8"
Power: 400 watts @ 3.3 amps
Outlet: 120 volt U.S. outlet (6 ft. power cord)
(Can be hardwired by a licensed electrician into your wall so not even a power cord will be visible.)

This item cannot be imprinted.  Plus UPS charges to your location from Alexandria, VA.


SAFETY: ECONO-HEATERS are designed to be left on for long periods of time. ECONO-HEATERS operate at a relatively low surface temperature. Although the heater is hot to touch, it will not burn the skin if touched. It is always good practice, however to keep an eye on infants when they are near any type of heater. The top concerns with heater safety are the possibility of a fire. ECONO-HEATERS have no exposed elements or areas for dust accumulation, therefore, the risk of fire is almost nil.


ECONO-HEATER high-efficiency electric panel heater.   

ECONO-HEATERS from Blueberry Brands, LLC

ECONO-HEATERS offer out-of-the-way wall mounting and are a truly economical way of providing efficient room heating at a low cost. 

Using convection technology, heat is mainly generated behind the heater in the space between the panel and the wall, which leads to an efficient up-draft of eco-heater's natural convection creates high-efficiency heating.  The eco-heater from Menucoverman.comheat circulated into the room.

This principle of convection means that about 90% of the heat comes from the back of the panel, while only 10% is radiated from the front of the panel. This form of "background" heating is not only highly economical, but also safe and efficient.

Your ECONO-HEATER is designed as an alternative to eco-heater replaces 4 100-watt light bulbs.conventional space heaters and other systems that use large amounts of electricity. It operates using the same electricity as 4 100-watt light bulbs, while heating an entire room.

There are numerous advantages to using ECONO-HEATERS. They save on floor space, are safe to use around children and pets, and can be painted to match any décor with water based Latex paint. ECONO-HEATERS are designed to be left on for long periods of time, giving you comfortable background heat at a low cost. This is similar in concept to a central heating system - yet far less expensive.

ECONO-HEATERS are UL listed and International Safety Standards approved and have a 2-year warranty.

Shipping only $16.95 first unit, $8.95 each additional unit, in the lower 48 states; plus UPS to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii & elsewhere. No sales tax collected except Canada, FL & PA.


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