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Privacy Policy & Data Security

Privacy, Data Security & Return Policies

Your privacy and the security of the information you entrust us with is of the highest importance to Blueberry Brands.

The information on this page will inform you of our policies and the measures we take to insure they are effective.

Call us with your questions at 888-777-4522 and we will be happy to help you.

Your Privacy is Paramount Site Security is Built In

What information do we collect and store?

Blueberry Brands collects all the data regarding your account, including such things as Company or Organization Name, address, zip or postal code, name of buyers and credit personnel, phones, fax numbers and email addresses, and the like.

Under no circumstances will your data ever be sold to or given to or exchanged with any third party for the purposes of marketing, or any other purpose that does not include effecting a delivery to you.

We also store your credit card information in a highly secure manner.  There are no circumstances where your credit card information will be shared with any third party, excepting duly authorized court personnel in the event of judicial proceedings, or as subpoenaed from such authorities.

We maintain records of what you've purchased and when and how it was paid for.

Beyond that, we do not collect or store any other information.  We will not ask for your Social Security number, and we won't ask for bank routing numbers, unless it is mutually agreed that payment for a particular order will be by wire transfer.

All the vendors we work with, who may "drop-ship" goods to you will be in possession of address and phone information in order to do their part of the sales cycle.  All of these vendors are established, reputable organizations who subscribe to industry standards regarding data privacy.  In no case will they ever be given your credit card information, however.

We use information about you to fulfill your requests, administer various programs, promotions or services, and for other business purposes.

Information collected online or offline may be shared with current or future Blueberry Brands entities or subsidiaries.

We may also use information about you and your visits to our Web site to send you targeted ads and marketing information, but only concerning appropriate Blueberry Brands products. You may opt out of these solicitations at any time.

Should you participate in our Rewards Program, we reserve the right to contact you via email to inform you from time-to-time of your accumulated rewards points.  You are not required to participate in our Rewards Program, and you may opt out at any time.

Blueberry Brands takes privacy and security very seriously.  If you have a concern, or a question regarding our policies and standards, or a recommendation for how we may enhance this aspect of our business, do not hesitate to contact us.

Cookies are a small file that a Web server automatically sends to your Mac or PC when you browse certain Web sites. Cookies are stored as text files on your hard drive so servers can access them when you return to Web sites you've visited before. Cookies contain information that identifies each user, for example: shopping cart information, preferences, and so on.

When a user revisits a Web site, his or her computer automatically "serves up" the cookie, which establishes the user's identity, thus eliminating the need for the customer to re-enter the information.  Basically, the server needs to know this information in order for the Web site to work correctly, and the information is nothing more than a string of letters and numbers.

Blueberry Brands does employ cookies to streamline the efficiency with which it serves you.

Secure Sockets Layer & SFTP
All information that is transmitted over the internet is protected by the latest security enryption software.  We utilize secure sockets layer and secure file transfer protocols, so that your data cannot be read in transmission, and cannot be decoded if intercepted.

Secure Hosting Facility
Blueberry Brands' servers are operated from vault-like professional facilities that protect the server and its data from a multitude of eventualities, including hackers and physical or informational theft.

Information Access
Essentially all the information we maintain regarding your account is available for your perusal and modification, if appropriate.  Exceptions to this would be data concerning credit correspondence and cost of goods information.  You may change your password whenever you wish, and it is recommended that passwords be periodically changed.

Naturally, your holding password information securely will prevent unintended and unauthorized access from those you do not wish to have it.

Return Policy
All returns must first obtain our written approval. Any goods returned without written approval will be rejected.

Unimprinted goods may be returned within 30 days of receipt, provided they have not been used, and are in original packaging.

The office address is not equipped to handle any returns; we will provide you with the warehouse address at the time arrangements are made. All such returns will be subject to a restocking fee and freight charges. Restocking fees are set by the original wholesale vendor, and therefore they vary. They may range from 7% to 30%. Please call to discuss any products you may wish to return.

Custom imprinted, logo branded and specialty embroidered goods are not subject to return under any circumstances, unless they are clearly defective. We reserve the right to request samples from you, at your expense, of any goods claimed to be defective. All such returns must be discussed and approved before a return authorization is granted.

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