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Take the next step in neon write-on boards for restaurants & retail advertising environments. The flashing board is here!

Flashing LED Neon Boards

Bright, clear and full of dramatic impact, your Neon LED Boards flash their way into instant glory.

They are new, sophisticated and versatile. The special fluorescent ink in the markers makes the board- and it's message- come to life when turned on. Light transmission through your writing creates a bright and colorful display that is sure to attract customers.

Be creative.. be bold.. advertisements and announcements written or drawn on Blueberry Brands' flashing boards will never be missed. An ultra rigid acrylic surface makes it easy to write-on and wipe-off, and can be used over and over again. Here's power on your palette! 

FREE DELIVERY in the lower 48, subsidized to Canada, Alaska & Hawaii. Please scroll down the page to see all the new, fabulous flashing boards in-stock for you!

Flashing LED BoardsSort by Price
PFB2. Fluorescent Marker Pens for Flashing LED Boards
PFB2. Fluorescent Marker Pens are especially designed for Blueberry Brands' LED Sign Boards or Neon Sign Boards. SOLD ...
As low as $17.99 each.
TFA2 Triangular Easel to hold Flashing Boards
TFA2. This unique triangular easel is wonderful for displaying your flashing LED board both indoors or outdoors. The e...
As low as $48.00 each.
BFA. Rechargeable Battery for Flashing Boards
It's is the best way to make your LED Sign Board the most versatile Neon Sign Board you can have. All LED Sign Boards w...
As low as $58.00 each.
BFCA1210 Neon Sign Board
BFCA1210. This unique LED Sign Board is 12 x 10x 0.5 and weighs only 3 lbs. The Neon Sign Board uses 7 colors of LED lig...
As low as $77.49 each.
BFBA1412 Frameless Flashing LED Board
BFBA1412 Frameless Flashing LED Board from Blueberry Brands. Reusable and durable. Easy to erase - just use a soft clo...
As low as $87.49 each.
BFBA1717. Frameless Neon Sign Board. 17" x 17".
BFBA1717. This Neon Sign Board is a frameless 17 x 17 way to display your creative messages. The hard abrasion resista...
As low as $122.49 each.
BFCA2318 Flashing Neon Sign Board
BFCA2318. This Neon Sign Board is a perfect indoor OR outdoor sign. The neon sign board is 23 x 18 x 0.5 and weighs 8 l...
As low as $119.99 each.
BFCA2014 LED Sign Board
BFCA2014. The LED Sign Board 20 x 14 is a great way to display your sales or advertisements on an eye catching piece. Th...
As low as $149.99 each.
BFBA1717. Neon Sign Board.
BFBA1717. This amazing Neon Sign Board is the perfect addition to any larger space. Measuring 24 x 19 x 0.5 you can hang...
As low as $164.99 each.
BFBD2517. Neon Sign Board. Copy
BFBA1717. This amazing Neon Sign Board is the perfect addition to any larger space. Measuring 24 x 19 x 0.5 you can hang...
As low as $164.99 each.
BFCA2719. The Neon Bar Sign.
BFCA2719. The Neon Bar Sign is the perfect addition to any bar or low ambient light setting establishment. The Neon Ba...
As low as $162.99 each.
BFBA3224 Largest Frameless LED Neon Sign Board
BFBA3224. This Neon Sign Board is the largest of the frameless Neon Sign Boards. With a large 32 x 24 writing surface yo...
As low as $184.99 each.
BFCA2723 Flashing LED Sign Board
BFCA2723. The magical Blueberry Brands LED Sign Board is ideal for restaurant owners. Write an original message using sp...
As low as $194.99 each.
BFCA3523 Framed LED Board
BFCA3523. Flashing LED Boards - 35 x 23 Framed Board. Use Neon Dry Erase Markers to change out graphics. 7 colors of ...
As low as $242.99 each.
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