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Fresh Blueberries
"You ought to have seen what I saw on my way, To the village, through Mortenson's pasture to-day: Blueberries as big as the end of your thumb, Real sky-blue, and heavy, and ready to drum, In the cavernous pail of the first one to come!"

- Robert Frost, Blueberries
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Custom logo imprinted promotional picnic items.
Picnic Items
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Cooladio 1 - Radio Cooler
Make any outdoor event or function a Rockin' good time with our AM/FM Radio Coolers! All our COOLADIO Radio Coolers ...
Please call for pricing.
Frequent Flyer™, Promotional Logo Frequent Flyer Flying Saucer
Ideal for company picnics or any outdoor event, this mid-sized Frequent Flyer sends company names soaring. Available ...
As low as $0.79 each.
One-Piece Economy Visor, Promotional Logo One-Piece Economy Visor
Both event coordinators and participants love their light weight and comfortable fit, and a wide selection of colors hel...
As low as $0.68 each.
Value Frequent Flyer™
The 9 Diameter value-priced, 70-gram Frequent Flyer features a large, 5 1/2 diameter imprint area. Available in 33 d...
As low as $0.89 each.
Leatherette Can Holder, Promotional Logo Leatherette Can Holders
New version of our popular can holder. Made with supple, leather-like expanded vinyl with foam insulation. It ke...
As low as $1.20 each.
Professional Frequent Flyer™
Durable, 105-gram, Frequent Flyer keeps promotional messages flying high on a large, 6 diameter imprint area. Availab...
As low as $1.09 each.
Wrap-Around Sunglasses, Promotional Logo Wrap-Around Sunglasses
Available in matte black with ultraviolet-protective lenses. This item is available blank and unimprinted. The prices...
As low as $1.75 each.
Large Flexible Chopping Mat, Promotional Logo Large Flexible Chopping Mat
Large Flexible Chopping Mat These convenient cutting and chopping boards are molded from solid FDA-approved crystal s...
As low as $2.04 each.
Solace Flying Disc Ball Game, Promotional Logo Solace Flying Disc Ball Game
It’s perfect for taking on vacation or trips to the park. • Includes two handheld velcro disc pads, tennis ball, and dra...
As low as $5.33 each.
Contemporary Six Pack Cooler
Like I always say, it's all in a day's work, or, in this case, day's play. And all day, I could see who helped us enjoy...
As low as $5.98 each.
Wine Pouch, Promotional Logo Wine Pouch
Keep your beverages cool with our functional wine totes! Features include: Insulated wine pouch. Detachable shoul...
As low as $6.60 each.
Bottle Sling, Promotional Logo Bottle Sling
Keep your beverages cool with our functional wine totes! Unique shoulder sling bottle carrier holds 1 wine/beverage/...
As low as $7.35 each.
Neoprene Single Bottle Tote, Promotional Logo Neoprene Single Bottle Tote
Though the world be beset with all sorts of insoluble problems, keeping a bottle chilled enroute to a romantic rendevous...
As low as $7.20 each.
Logo Fleece Blanket, Promotional Fleece Blanket
Blueberry Brands' warm, anti-pill custom logo imprinted fleece blankets are available in 7 popular colors.Large imprint ...
As low as $10.42 each.
Classic Cotton 17" Drawstring Duffel, Promotional Logo Classic Cotton 17" Drawstring Duffel Bag
Drawstring top closure. Side pocket with velcro closure. 7 handle drop height and an adjustable shoulder strap....
As low as $9.00 each.
Jetstream Cooler, Promotional Logo Jetstream Coolers
It's a pleasing style that says: Here's where the fun is. A generous canvas for your logo brand. Featuring smooth scu...
As low as $12.98 each.
Magnum Wine Pouch, Promotional Logo Magnum Wine Pouch
Keep your beverages cool with our functional wine totes! Holds full size magnum bottle or 2 liter beverage bottle. ...
As low as $7.50 each.
Neoprene Double Bottle Tote, Promotional Logo Neoprene Double Bottle Tote
Keep your wines and other beverages cool with one of these wonderful and functional wine totes. Neoprene is a proven in...
As low as $8.80 each.
Wine Duffle, Promotional Logo Wine Duffle
Keep your beverages cool with Blueberry Brands functional wine totes! Features a wooden handle multi-function corkscr...
As low as $11.80 each.
Single Bottle Carrier
Keep your beverages cool with our functional wine totes!• Soft, supple tote holds 1 bottle,adjustable shoulder strap.• I...
As low as $11.80 each.
Precision Bottle Cooler, Promotional Logo Precision Bottle Cooler
Beach, boat, backyard or board retreat, this rugged cooler with removable, collapsible 12-bottle divider keeps everyone ...
As low as $12.98 each.
Walnut Grove BBQ Set
Add convenience to grilling out with this BBQ set. • Includes stainless steel tongs, grilling fork, and spatula, all wit...
As low as $13.16 each.
All-Sport Cooler, Promotional Logo All-Sport Cooler
Sporty outdoor style with a separate speed zip for convenient easy access.• Two-tone shockcord on top stows extras.• Thr...
As low as $13.98 each.
Wine Cooler Bag, Promotional Logo Wine Cooler Bag
Six-piece set includes handy travel case with space for your favorite bottle of wine, two cloth napkins, two plastic win...
As low as $13.66 each.
Beach Wine Table
Promote romantic getaways with this wine table. It packs flat for easy travel and is easy to use. Simply twist...
As low as $14.00 each.
Modesto Picnic Carrier Set, Promotional Logo Modesto Picnic Carrier Set
Showcase this picnic set when entertaining clients outdoors. Set includes a wine opener, two stainless steel knives...
As low as $14.00 each.
Walnut Grove BBQ Seasoning Tool Set
Send this fun gift set to important clients with an invitation to a company barbecue or tailgate. • Salt and pepper hamm...
As low as $14.83 each.
All Sport Cooler II, Promotional Logo All Sport Cooler II
This updated popular cooler features a sporty outdoor style and Velcro opening for easy access to the to main compartmen...
As low as $14.98 each.
Double Bottle Carrier
Keep their beverages cool with a Blueberry Brands functional wine tote! They'll LOVE YOU for it. Soft, supple tote h...
As low as $14.70 each.
Solace Ring Toss Game, Promotional Logo Solace Ring Toss Game
Use this fun game to lure people to a tradeshow booth, entertain kids at a company picnic, or loosen up the staff before...
As low as $14.83 each.
Collapsible Party Cooler, Promotional Logo Collapsible Party Coolers
From potluck to picnic, this cooler is a must-have for your next gathering.• Collapsible for easy storage when not in us...
As low as $15.98 each.
FireSide Shut the Box, Promotional Logo FireSide Shut the Box
A favorite game in pubs all over England, Shut the Box is a perfect addition to a community center's recreational activi...
As low as $16.50 each.
Degas Wine Bucket, Promotional Logo Wine Buckets
Carry your wine bottles in elegance with the Degas 2 Bottle Wine Bucket. It features a rich leatherette cover with h...
As low as $16.95 each.
Monet Wine Box, Promotional Logo Wine Boxes
The Monet Class Wine Box offers you a stylish design for the up coming festive season. If you are looking for the la...
As low as $16.92 each.
Fiesta Class - 2 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Fiesta 2 Person Picnic Set
Brightly colored and full-featured, the Fiesta Class Picnic Set is all about sophisticated fun. There's a lot to be sai...
As low as $18.46 each.
Vertex Cooler
Everything for the perfect picnic will fit into this rugged sport cooler. Adjustable, padded shoulder strap for carr...
As low as $18.98 each.
Laguna Game Set, Promotional Logo Laguna Game Set
Offer this fun game set as a prize at the next company picnic. Includes seven games: paddle ball, chess, checkers, Frisb...
As low as $19.00 each.
Spectator Cooler Chair
Enjoy outdoor activities in comfort with this deluxe cooler chair.• Durable metal frame with padded seat.• Easy access t...
As low as $19.98 each.
Freeport Class - 2 Bottle Wine Tote, Promotional Logo Wine Totes
The Freeport 2 Bottle Wine Tote is a double bottle wine tote made of hand woven rattan with insulated cooler lining. ...
As low as $21.46 each.
Boundry Tote Blanket, Promotional Logo Boundry Tote Blanket
Presto - chang-o. Easily converts from a tote to a durable 60 x 45 fleece blanket. Large zippered front pocket. ...
As low as $21.50 each.
Renoir Wine Tote, Promotional Logo Wine Totes
The Renoir Leatherette Wine Tote for 2 makes a great gift giving idea for all occasions. When you need to leave home...
As low as $25.53 each.
Adventure Class - 2 Person Picnic Set, Promotional Logo Adventure 2 Person Picnic Set
When you're serious about your picnic, you choose the Adventure Class Picnic Set. We invite you to brand this hot item,...
As low as $24.45 each.
Grill Mate BBQ Set
Five-piece set includes case, tongs, spatula, fork, and thermometer. Handy wrap holds utensils when not in use. ...
As low as $23.16 each.
Endeavor Class - 2 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Endeavor 2-Person Picnic Sets
Your clients are the kind of people who want to enjoy and live life to the max. This fabulous picnic set tells them you...
As low as $24.99 each.
The Excursion Tailgate Cooler
Keep your food and drinks within easy reach while tailgating before the big game. Front and side pockets feature fol...
As low as $24.98 each.
Tango Class - 2 Person Picnic Set, Promotional Logo Tango 2 Person Picnic Set
We spread our blanket on the mossy meadow, and dined 'til our eyes were drowsy with sleep. A bee buzzed in the nearby g...
As low as $27.07 each.
Quest Wheeled Cooler, Promotional Logo Quest Wheeled Cooler
Unique shape and color blocking makes this a standout. Large cooler on wheels makes for smooth transport of food and...
As low as $26.98 each.
The Café Chalet Coffee Set, Promotional Logo Café Chalet Coffee Set
Keep your beverages hot with our functional coffee totes!• Features the sleek & sophisticated look of leather.• Brushed ...
As low as $27.45 each.
Stanley Bottle Classic Half Quart, Promotional Logo Stanley Bottle Classic Half Quart
The Stanley Classic Bottles exclusive insulation system keeps beverages hot (or cold) for up to 11 hours. Take it to job...
As low as $26.50 each.
The Cosmopolitan Wine & Cheese Set
Host a wine and cheese tasting for select clients with this versatile seven-piece wine and cheese set. It’s highlighted ...
As low as $26.50 each.
Picnic Backpack With Games
Ideal for a day at the beach or in the backyard.• Multi-piece set includes chess, checkers, backgammon, paddle ball and ...
As low as $26.50 each.
Traveler Class - 2 Person Picnic Set, Promotional Logo Traveler 2 Person Picnic Set
Think globally, act locally. Sometimes I feel that if we could just get more people out there, out there by the lakes, ...
As low as $28.07 each.
The Coffee Companion, Promotional Logo Coffee Companion Coffee Set
Keep your beverages hot with Blueberry Brands functional coffee totes!• Take-a-long coffee set for auto,sporting events,...
As low as $28.75 each.
Marathon Class - 4 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Marathon Picnic Set
Perfectly practical and incredibly convenient, the picnic backpack is great for your own outings, and it also makes a te...
As low as $31.05 each.
Cooladio - 2 Person Picnic Pak, Promotional Logo Picnic Paks
Make any outdoor event or function a Rockin' good time with our AM/FM Radio Coolers! All our COOLADIO Radio Coolers incl...
As low as $33.16 each.
Jasmine Class Wine & Cheese Tote
The Jasmine's stunning bamboo exterior with 600 denier nylon lining makes this an ideal tote to enhance a romantic get-a...
As low as $31.05 each.
Magnolia Class - 2 Person Picnic Tote, Promotional Logo Picnic Tote
The Magnolia Class Tote ads a sophisticated design for a romantic get-a-way, wedding or corporate gift. Same design ...
As low as $33.50 each.
Stratton Class - 4 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Stratton Picnic Set
This fabulous picnic set is designed to go with the flow. It fits well on your back, stores plenty of victuals, and spo...
As low as $32.14 each.
Wellfleet Class - 2 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Wellfleet 2 Person Picnic Set
When all is said and done, we may just remember those days in the sun, with a crust of bread, some fruit, a bottle of wi...
As low as $34.16 each.
Lenox Class - 2 Person Handmade Picnic Basket
Hand Woven Willow Picnic Basket Set for Romantic Outings. The Lenox hand woven willow picnic basket with 2 wine or be...
As low as $38.60 each.
Wheeled Fiesta Cooler, Promotional Logo Wheeled Fiesta Cooler
Generous sized 48 can cooler glides easily on wheels. Waterproof. Collapses for easy storage. Silver foil in...
As low as $36.98 each.
Sanibel Class - 2 Person Picnic Basket
The Sanibel Class - 2 person picnic basket showcases an attractive willow construction in a unique chest design. It's...
As low as $41.53 each.
Odyssey Class 2 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Odyssey 2 Person Picnic Set
All sets come complete with accessories and components as shown.• Double wheeled lightweight trolley with sleek retracta...
As low as $42.30 each.
Tandoor Class - 4 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Tandoor Picnic Sets
It's a secret, so don't tell anyone. Sometimes the promotional item you distribute won't actually be utilized all that ...
As low as $42.30 each.
Tandem 2 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Tandem Bicycle 2 Person Picnic Set
The 2 Person Bicycle Picnic Set is a brand new concept for the cycling enthusiast! It includes everything needed for a ...
As low as $42.30 each.
Cooladio Cart, Promotional Logo Cooladio Cart
Make any outdoor event or function a Rockin' good time with our AM/FM Radio Coolers! All our COOLADIO Radio Coolers ...
As low as $41.50 each.
Quattro Class - 4 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Quattro Picnic Sets
The Picnic Plus Quattro basket is a large-capacity, fully-loaded, deluxe portable picnic set for 4. It comes with gl...
As low as $47.22 each.
Solace 5 in 1 Outdoor Game Set
Brand a daycare, recreational center, or child enrichment program with this game set. • Thirty-one piece set includes a ...
As low as $44.83 each.
Avalon Class Hand Made Deluxe 4 Person Picnic Basket
The Avalon, 4 person deluxe picnic basket, makes it easy to pack for a picnic. The Avalon features a shoulder strap ...
As low as $51.69 each.
Tailgater Class - 4 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Tailgater Picnic Set
Tailgater Class - 4 Person Picnic Sets: game for the picnic, picnic for the game. The Blueberry Brands Tailgater pic...
As low as $48.06 each.
Newbury Class 2 Person Picnic Sets, Promotional Logo Newbury 2 Person Picnic Set
This Newbury 2 person picnic set comes fully equipped and easily converts from a backpack to a carry bag design. Del...
As low as $55.77 each.
Mediterranean Seafood Set, Promotional Logo Mediterranean Seafood Utensil Set
**** NO LONGER AVAILABLE...ASK US ABOUT OTHER SETS WE HAVE.... Kick off a summer promotion or promote a luxurious tra...
As low as $49.83 each.
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