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Fresh Blueberries
"You ought to have seen what I saw on my way, To the village, through Mortenson's pasture to-day: Blueberries as big as the end of your thumb, Real sky-blue, and heavy, and ready to drum, In the cavernous pail of the first one to come!"

- Robert Frost, Blueberries
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Custom logo imprinted promotional holiday items.
Holiday Items
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Snack Tube
Clear plastic tube with logo label available in small or large filled with Gemmies (chocolate covered sunflower seeds), ...
Please call for pricing.
Candy Filled Mesh Tin Combos
Silvery metal tins with imprinted logos tied with a festive red ribbon in three combo sizes. Small combo priced with 5oz...
Please call for pricing.
Ultra Glow Ice Cube, Promotional Logo Ultra Bright Ice Cubes
Blueberry Brands offers a longer lasting glow ice cube with a more realistic ice cube look. TheUltra Glow Ice Cubes ...
As low as $2.77 each.
Christmas Gift, Promotional Logo Christmas Gift
Clear acrylic Christmas gift with imprint logo, filled with multi-colored chocolate covered sunflower seeds, chocolate b...
As low as $2.75 each.
Promotional Gift, Promotional Logo Holiday Gift
Clear acrylic snack tube with imprint logo, filled with Gourmet Jelly Beans, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Assorted Jelly Bea...
As low as $2.75 each.
Promotional Gift, Promotional Logo Holiday Gift.
Clear acrylic snack tube with imprint logo, filled with Gourmet Jelly Beans, Assorted Jelly Beans, Chocolate Covered Sun...
As low as $2.75 each.
Christmas Ornament, Promotional Logo Christmas Ornament
Clear acrylic Christmas ornament with imprint logo, filled with multi-colored chocolate covered sunflower seeds, mints o...
As low as $2.75 each.
Candy Filled Wooden Box
Wooden filled treasure box with sliding lid filled with Premium Wrapped Candies. Also available empty. This item is...
As low as $4.09 each.
Reserve Wine Bag
This upscale wine bag features a sleek design and stylish interior.• Made to hold one bottle of your favorite wine.• Sid...
As low as $5.98 each.
Vintner Wine Bag
This wine carrier is ideal for bringing that perfect bottle with you.• Padded interior features one-bottle capacity.• Ci...
As low as $6.25 each.
7-Color Light-up USB X-Mas Desk Ornaments
7-Color Light-up Desk Ornaments in the shape of Snowman or X-Mas Tree. Here's a new take on making sure your brand s...
As low as $5.80 each.
Wine Snug
The wine snugs are the two tallest items shown in the picture to the left. The others are available as well, use the ne...
As low as $5.00 each.
Gift Book: The Little Black Book of Holiday Cheer, Promotional Logo Gift Books
This new book is brimming with everything you need to make the holidays perfect. Includes bartending tips and holiday dr...
As low as $6.95 each.
Gift Book: Keeping Life Simple: 380 Tips and Ideas
Make a real difference with this wonderful little gift book. Keeping Life Simple offers hundreds of practical tips for t...
As low as $7.20 each.
Bosque Serving Style Wine Opener
Stainless steel wine opener with seal cutter. Faux wood accents inspired by the interior of a luxury automobile. • Inclu...
As low as $6.00 each.
Candy Filled Engraved Wooden Box
Not just a desk accessory, this laser-engraved wooden box in maple or cherry finish is an impressive addition to any off...
As low as $8.75 each.
Quotation Books: Gift of Inspiration Series: THANK YOU, Promotional Logo Gift Books
Everyone appreciates being appreciated… whether it’s for buying a product, opening an account, taking time, or showing h...
As low as $9.10 each.
Essentials Pamper-U-Pouch, Promotional Logo Essentials Pamper-U-Pouch
..and use it as a Mothers Day gift or incorporate it into an employee appreciation program. Five-piece set includes...
As low as $7.00 each.
Alicia Klein Photo Folio, Promotional Logo Photo Folio
• Give to new employees or as part of an employee appreciation holiday gift bag. • Holds 24 4" x 6" photos. • Unique des...
As low as $7.33 each.
Quintessential Wine Set
Impress and educate clients with this 4-piece wine set. • It features a wine booklet that contains helpful information a...
As low as $11.50 each.
Savory Cheese Set
Neutral tones blend comfortably into any environment. • Keep it at the office to use at meetings and parties, or take it...
As low as $12.00 each.
Walnut Grove Salt and Pepper Set, Promotional Logo Walnut Grove Salt and Pepper Set
Use it for branding a company, service, or product around the holidays. • Includes salt shaker and pepper grinder.• Incl...
As low as $13.16 each.
Windsor Wood Candy Box
Laser-engraved wood box with a handsome windsor tie/ribbon, an executive gift sure to please. Priced with 10oz toffee ca...
As low as $19.10 each.
Cookbooks: Betty Crocker Christmas Cookbook
250 recipes (70% new), both traditional and new recipes, with creative twists on classic ideas.23 holiday crafts to deco...
As low as $20.95 each.
Harvest Indoor Gardening Tote, Promotional Logo Harvest Indoor Gardening Tote
Promote the release of a new gardening book, DVD, or podcast with this fully-loaded tote. The seven-piece custom log...
As low as $16.50 each.
Holiday Candy Box Tower
Contemporary pyramid Holiday/Christmas design tower stacks three trapezoid shaped boxes tied with a silver cord/ribbon w...
As low as $26.05 each.
Cookbooks: Betty Crocker Cookbook
This gift edition of Big Red turns the beloved classic cookbook into the perfect holiday gift. It's got a more attractiv...
As low as $23.95 each.
Moso Bamboo Travel Cheese Set
With a durable case featuring sleeves for the utensils, this handy cheese set is built for mobile entertainment. • Take ...
As low as $20.66 each.
Moso Bamboo Cheese Board Set
Host a wine and cheese party for key clients and give this clamshell-style bamboo case that includes a cheese board. • I...
As low as $21.50 each.
Wine Companion Gift Set
Three-piece set includes wine opener, foil cutter and vintage guide.• Ergonomically designed handles and lever allow for...
As low as $21.50 each.
Moso Bamboo Entertaining Cheese Set
Where gourmet food is involved, be it a new supermarket, niche magazine or culinary event, have the Moso Bamboo Entertai...
As low as $23.16 each.
Laguiole 2-Piece Carving Set
Offer this carving set before Thanksgiving as a unique holiday gift. The wood grain case provides an elegant displa...
As low as $26.50 each.
Cutter & Buck American Classic Beverage Shaker
Fill this handsome shaker with gift certificates and coupons and offer it as a prize at a fundraiser. • 18-oz. stainless...
As low as $28.16 each.
Moso Bamboo Carving Set
Set up an in-store display with food samples using this handsome carving set. • Set includes carving knife and fork made...
As low as $31.50 each.
Children: Harry Potter Paperback Boxed Set (Books 1-6), Promotional Logo Harry Potter Books
The exciting tales of Harry Potter, the young wizard-in-training, have taken the world by storm, and fans just can't get...
As low as $40.95 each.
Wine Decanter Set
Celebrate the completion of a big project, impress visiting clients, or ring in a new year with this elegant decanter se...
As low as $32.33 each.
Corporate Ladder Candy Gift Tower
mpressive wood tower with custom hot stamped logod ribbon. Priced with 3oz pretzel snowballs, 4oz cashews, 5oz peanut cr...
As low as $45.10 each.
Executive Wine Collectors Set
Nine-piece wine set features a polished wooden case for compact storage. Includes an ergonomic bottle opener, foil s...
As low as $33.16 each.
High Rise Candy Gift Tower
Corporate gift decorated in Christmas colors with a coordinating holiday sleeve available in three sizes with custom imp...
As low as $49.95 each.
Moso Bamboo Bread Cutting Set
Make this gift set part of a raffle for a fundraiser, annual holiday dinner, or tradeshow booth. Set includes an 18...
As low as $41.50 each.
Holiday Delights Tower
Perfect for the mid-sized office. Five gourmet favorites packed into a tower that's almost too beautiful to open: seven-...
As low as $57.95 each.
Moso Bamboo Knife Set
Connect with clients before the big holiday rush by offering this attractive knife set as a special Thanksgiving gift. •...
As low as $48.16 each.
Drum Tower Trio
Beat a path to your client's, customer's, and employee's door in a way they'll never forget! In the true spirit of holid...
As low as $68.90 each.
Gourmet Snowflake Sampler
Seven boxes of gourmet delights to open and enjoy! Here's a magnificent selection of the finest quality chocolates and f...
As low as $67.95 each.
Moso Bamboo Steak Knife Set
Place this handsome steak knife set on the entry tier of a sales incentive program. • Set includes eight steak knives fo...
As low as $54.00 each.
Snowflake Sampler Tower
Sharing these seven treats (and plenty of them) with co-workers or fellow family members will be terrific. Our most popu...
As low as $77.95 each.
Regal Sampler Tower
Our most elegant presentation! A king's feast packed in three stylish gift boxes stacked high and tied together with a g...
As low as $97.90 each.
Cutter & Buck American Classic Watch Set, Promotional Logo American Classic Watch Set
Includes the Cutter Buck American Classic Analog Watch in mens or womens styles, Cutter Buck American Classic Leather ...
As low as $99.83 each.
Wenger Swiss Military Brigade Watch Gift Set, Promo Logo Brigade Watch/Swiss Army Knife Set
This gift set is perfect for the people in your organization or target audience who are into the rugged outdoors, or wou...
As low as $126.16 each.
Wenger Standard Issue Watch Gift Set, Promotional Logo Wenger Standard Issue Watch Gift Set
Offer this watch set as a prize in a golf outing or poker tournament. Set includes the Wenger Men's Standard Issue B...
As low as $154.16 each.
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